Terms and condition

Biggy Studios is a Cameroon talent-driven reality television show open to Cameroonians from 21 years and above residing at home or abroad who speak English or French. Biggy Studios aims to nurture talent, bring out the creativity and innovation of its contestants while entertaining the public. Participants live in isolated house surveillance (Biggy’s house) for a given number of days or months and compete for a Grand Prize consisting of a cash prize and other material prizes at the end of the show. Viewers/public vote to save their favorite housemates from being evicted from the show and subsequently winning.

Created in August 2019 by a patriotic Cameroonian with aim of nurturing and promoting talents, Biggy Studios is the first-ever Cameroonian Reality Show. Season 1 (The Game Changer) was aired from the 2nd of August 2020 to the 4th of October 2020 in Douala Cameroon with 25 contestants. The Winner of the maiden edition is Fonyeh Vanessa Thelma aka Khalifa Vanithels.


Our mission

Our mission is captured by the following objectives:

– Nurturing and showcasing Talents, Inspiring Hope
– Promoting the Culture of Leaving together
– Being the reference for Entertainment
– Making Millionaires